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Motorcycle, RV, Boat Insurance

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Unlike traditional types of transportation; motorcycles, RV’s and boats come with their own set of risks. This is why some states require they have their own insurance policy agreement attached to them. Even if your state does not require your motorcycle, RV or boat to be covered, we highly recommend doing so in order to protect your investments. Here we explain the different types of policies.

What We Offer

Motorcycle Insurance

Most states generally require motorcycle drivers to carry liability insurance. However, this does not protect against damage to your motorcycle nor does it cover theft. We strongly recommend protecting yourself as much as possible by also considering collision and comprehensive coverage.

RV Insurance

Most state require RV owners to have at least minimum liability insurance on their RVs, similar to as they would on their cars. You may be required to have a higher level of insurance if you have a loan on your RV. Consider how you plan to use your RV before you decide on adding collision and comprehensive insurance. If you use your RV as a residence, you should increase the level of insurance as opposed to using it only a few times per year. Speak with one of our agents to discuss the right kind of coverage for you.

Boat Insurance

Boat insurance may not be required by law in your town. However, double check with any areas in which you plan to use your boat. Like any other investment, it is important to protect it. Even experienced boaters can face risky situations, especially while on the water. Not insuring your boat can lead to losing your boat or facing incredible financial loss. At the very least we recommend liability coverage in case of injury to someone on your boat or others.

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