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If you are looking to register your vehicle but do not have its original title, we can help! We offer the fastest registration service in town with our online title bond application process.

Don’t wait days or weeks to get your vehicle registered! Our team of experts is here to help you register your vehicle fast so that you can get back on the road ASAP.

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If you would rather learn more about vehicle Title Bonds, continue reading our comprehensive guide below.

What Is A Title Bond?

A title bond is a type of surety bond that allows you to register your motor vehicle when the original vehicle title is not available.

Title bonds are submitted to the DMV to show the DMV that the vehicle is rightfully yours, which is necessary for registration.

Title Bonds are also known as DMV Bonds, Lost Vehicle Title Bonds, or Vehicle Surety Bonds.

Vehicle Title Bond In Las Vegas

Nevada Senate Bill 452 (SB 452) has given the Department of Motor Vehicles the authority to issue a “bonded certificate of title” if a vehicle owner is unable to present enough documentation to prove they own their vehicle.

In the past, a court ruling was required if a vehicle owner without sufficient documentation wanted to get their vehicle title. The court had to declare the person the owner of the vehicle and then order the DMV to issue the title for them.

Now, with SB 452, the DMV can make the decision to issue a Bonded Vehicle Title without the owner going to court.

Note: A Bonded Vehicle Title is just as valid as the original certificate of title.

In Nevada, vehicle title bonds have to be in effect for three years before an original title is issued.

More About Surety Bonds And Vehicle Titles

A vehicle title bond is a type of surety bond that indemnifies the vehicle owner and the surety company. Upon entering into a surety bond agreement, the surety company guarantees the DMV that the principal (the party that is required to get the bond) is the vehicle owner. The vehicle owner has to sign an agreement that they are the actual owner and that they have purchased the vehicle legally.

If the vehicle turns out to be lost by someone else or stolen, a claim can be filed against the vehicle surety bond, after which the surety bond company will decide whether to honor or reject the claim.

Depending on the details of the claim, the surety company may need to pay the bond amount to the claimant. The principal would then need to reimburse the total amount to the surety company.

In cases where the claim is denied, the claimant can seek recourse by filing a civil lawsuit in court.

What All Can A Bonded Title Be Used For?

Title bonds have three central uses, which include:

  • Being used as proof of car ownership.
  • Being used to transfer ownership of a vehicle in Nevada.
  • Being used to register your vehicle.

Remember: Using a title bond to transfer ownership outside of Nevada may not be allowed. This is why we recommend checking with the state where you want to transfer the vehicle before purchasing a title bond.

Why Do You Need A Title Bond?

As discussed above, title bonds are used to register your vehicle when there is no adequate documentation for it, but here are some specific reasons why you might need a title bond.

  • The vehicle title was lost or stolen before you bought the vehicle.
  • You bought the vehicle, but the owner could not provide the title.
  • You have an old vehicle that does not have a title.
  • Your vehicle is custom-made.

How to Get A Bonded Title In Nevada?

The requirements for getting a vehicle title bond in Nevada are fairly easy.

  1. You must reside in Nevada.
  2. The vehicle must be in Nevada.

If you meet these requirements, you will then need to follow these steps, which are a bit more complex:

  1. Call the DMV’s Title Research Section in Carson City at 775-684-4810.
    Note: Bonded vehicle titles are only processed by the Title Research Section in Carson City, not the DMV Field Services division.
  2. Fill out the affidavit for a Bonded Vehicle Title, which is available through the Title Research Section.
  3. Present your vehicle for inspection at a DMV Full Service office.
  4. Submit the completed affidavit VP 271 together with photocopied documents of ownership to the Title Research Section.
  5. Wait for the vehicle theft and brand history search to complete.
  6. The DMV will give you the bond amount based on the manufacturer’s retail price (MSRP).
  7. You will receive the bond amount and additional requirements to be submitted.
  8. Get a Title Bond Certificate from an authorized surety bond company in Nevada.
  9. Complete Vehicle Bond Affidavit form 272.
  10. Notarize VP 271.
  11. Return all documents, affidavits, and the paid title bond to the Title Research Section in Carson City.

How Much Does A Title Bond Cost?

How much your title bond costs is determined by the DMV. With that said, the amount required for the title bond itself must be equal to 150% of the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). For salvaged vehicles, the amount is 25%.

Please keep in mind that you will not have to pay such a large amount. This is the amount for the title bond, properly speaking, but bonding companies typically issue bonds at a rate of $10 for every $500 worth of coverage.

So, if the title bond amount is $5000, you would pay $100 for the bond.

Where Can I Get A Nevada Vehicle Title Bond?

We recommend getting your title bond from an experienced Nevada surety bond company. All N One Bonding and Insurance has been helping people for years get the bonds they need.

Call us at:

Las Vegas: (702) 850-7711 OR Memphis: (901) 306-8100.

We have customer-friendly agents who are happy to assist you and will give you a free title bond quote.

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