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How Long Does Workers’ Comp Last Intro

Workers’ comp is a benefit program that states require employers to offer to their employees.

Injuries and illnesses of many kinds can occur as a result of employment. There are many aspects to consider if you’ve been injured or made sick because of your job.

You must decide if you will settle quickly and if you would like to settle before any surgical procedures. You will need to understand the risks and rewards of settling before or after surgery.

Your settlement could increase with surgery and lifetime care or decrease with a minor surgery with quick recovery time. Some roadblocks could make you ineligible for workers’ compensation, like drug and alcohol use or fraudulent claims.

If your workers’ compensation is approved, one of the important questions to ask is, “How long does workers’ comp last?”

It would be wise to seek professional guidance with this question, especially since it concerns your health and future well-being.

For an in-depth look at Workers’ Comp specific to Tennessee, check out our article on the subject.

How Long Does Workers’ Comp Last?

The answer to how long workers comp can last varies because each case is different.

Ideally, if medical care is necessary for your lifetime, then the insurance under workers’ compensation should cover that cost for you.

There is a difference between your medical coverage with workers’ compensation and your other benefits, such as the income payments that you receive.

When it comes to medical coverage the answer to, “How long does workers comp last?” is generally a good one.

Medical coverage should last the entirety of your life. However, the other benefits will not and likely only last a short time.

There are different benefits in workers’ compensation: In case of death, there is funeral cost coverage along with wage loss to the surviving family, income loss payments, surgical and medical costs, and long-term assistance.

In Nevada and Tennessee, you are entitled to two-thirds of your income if you are needing coverage for a short time while in recovery. You can receive a partial benefit if you can resume employment but are unable to bring in the income you originally did.

Know the categories, there are permanent partial and temporary partial payments and there are temporary disability and permanent disability.

Answering the need-to-know question, “How long does workers’ comp last?” depends on the needs in your specific case.

Job Security

A work injury can be devastating. Not only are you suffering from physical pain, but your job does not have to be held for you during your recovery under workers comp.

Filing the workers’ comp claim legally cannot be the reason for firing you from your position, but your employer has no obligation to keep you on board.

There are laws to look into for the protection of your employment such as the Family and Medical Leave Act and another is the ADA. The FMLA is important for a person that might need to stay home to care for their injured spouse. The FMLA gives the spouse 12 weeks off of work without losing their employment.

Your job could also be under the protection of a union.

Finally, know that when you make a workers’ compensation claim you should receive your approval or denial within a week to 15 days.

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