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NV Senate Bill SB 219 passed legislation to end the suspension of individual driver’s licenses under certain conditions. However, you may be wondering if you still need to get an SR-22 to reinstate your license.

We explore this topic further below.

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Do I Need An SR-22 To Reinstate My License?

This is a common question. The answer is that the requirements to reinstate your driver’s license vary depending on your offense.

If your driver’s license was suspended because you did not pay for traffic tickets, for example, then you do not need to worry. Your DL will be automatically reinstated.

This is thanks to NV SB 219, which states that driver’s licenses get automatically reinstated if they are suspended due to non-payment of fees, fines, assessments, or tickets.

Unfortunately, SB 219 only covers suspensions as a result of delinquent payments.

For suspensions not covered by SB 219, you still need to adhere to Nevada’s SR-22 requirements to reinstate your license.

SR-22 Requirements For Driving Under The Influence

Naturally, then, if your license was suspended because you were driving under the influence, then you will have to fulfill the requirements of your SR-22.

Requirements include:

The installation of an ignition interlock device, taking a written test, paying the DL reinstatement fee, and keeping the SR-22 for three consecutive years.

SR-22 Requirement for Driving Without An Insurance

If a police officer cited you for not having insurance, or if you let your insurance lapse three consecutive times, then you will have to have an SR-22 for three years to reinstate your driver’s license.

How To File An SR-22

To file an SR-22, all you have to do is contact your insurance agent, and they will start the process for you. That is, assuming they provide SR-22 insurance. Not all insurance companies do.

Choose A Reliable Insurance Agency For Your SR-22

The good news is that we provide SR-22 insurance at an affordable price. If you would like to work with us as your insurance provider, you can call us anytime at Las Vegas: (702) 850-7711 or Memphis: (901) 306-8100 to speak to one of our agents.

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