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You Might Need Non-Standard Auto Insurance When…

What is non-standard auto insurance? What is the difference from standard auto insurance? Standard auto insurance policies provide conventional coverage to drivers deemed low-risk by the insurance companies. These are drivers who have good credit, clean driving histories and drive more sensible cars. Their premiums will tend to be lower. Insurance companies typically offer the best prices to good drivers.

If you are ever denied insurance or renewal you will need to seek out non-standard auto insurance. These insurance policies are usually reserved for high-risk drivers and come with higher premiums because of the increased liability high-risk drivers pose to the insurance companies. You can get the insurance coverage that you need, just be ready to pay for it.

The procedure for buying standard and non-standard auto insurance can differ slightly depending on the driver. For instance, if you need an SR-22 due to a DUI conviction, you will need the insurance company to file this form on your behalf, proving that you have sufficient auto insurance coverage.

So, what constitutes a high-risk driver? The following list will give you an idea of where you might fall on the standard / non-standard auto insurance spectrum.

  • If you are a driver under the age of 25 you may be considered high-risk by the insurance company.
  • You drive a luxury sportscar, rare car, or even a car with a salvage title.
  • You need an SR-22 form.
  • You have previous DUI convictions, severe traffic violations or reckless driving.
  • If you have had multiple car accidents.
  • If you have no previous auto insurance coverage or a lapse in service.
  • You are from another country and do not have a history of driving in the United States.
  • You have poor credit history.

At All n One Bonding and Insurance, we can help get you the best rates for non-standard and standard auto insurance policies. We also do SR-22’s if needed. Our goal is to get you covered with the appropriate policy for the best price. Contact our Nevada office at (702) 850-7711 or our Tennessee office at (901) 306-8100 today for a personalized quote. Our insurance agents are standing by. You can also visit our website at

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