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The cost for SR-22 insurance in Las Vegas varies depending on the insurance company, the type of offense, and other factors.

But one thing is certain. Having an SR-22 raises your insurance premium higher than it would be if you did not have one.

This is why a lot of people are looking for great SR-22 deals. If you need help finding an affordable SR-22 insurance policy that fits your budget, call us today at Las Vegas: (702) 850-7711 or Memphis: (901) 306-8100, and we can provide you with a custom quote.

If you want to learn more about how much SR-22s cost in general, keep reading.

How Much Does SR-22 Insurance Cost A Month?

On average, SR-22 insurance in Nevada is around $1487 per year, which works out to $124 per month. This does not include the yearly SR-22 filing fee, which is $35 to $60.

For more severe violations, the price for SR-22 insurance goes even higher.

The average yearly SR-22 insurance after a DUI is a whopping $2800 per year. If you were involved in an at-fault crash or collision, then it is around $3000 per year.

As you have probably figured out, these figures work out to around $230-$250 per month.

This is a huge jump compared to the average cost of insurance for a clean record, which is around $970 per year or $80 per month.

Why SR-22 Insurance Costs So Much

Filing an SR-22 or Certificate of Financial Responsibility means that you have committed the following violations:

  • Reckless driving resulting in injury or damage to property
  • Driving under the influence (DUI or DWI)
  • Failure to maintain minimum motor vehicle liability insurance

According to insurance companies, these violations make you a “high-risk driver.” The higher price thus compensates for the increased risk.

The Cost Of An SR-22 For Non-Vehicle Owners In Nevada

If you do not own a car but need a driver’s license for your work or occasional driving, you can get non-owner car insurance instead.

Compared to normal motor vehicle owner insurance, non-owner SR-22 insurance is actually cheaper. This is because insurance companies do not expect you to drive often and thus consider you less risky.

Cheapest SR-22 Insurance In Nevada

SR-22s can be a burden. Aside from paying SR-22 insurance, you also have to pay fines and reinstatement fees. So, we recommend shopping around and comparing the prices before settling on an SR-22 insurance plan. The more you save, the better!

We also recommend working with a licensed Nevada insurance company if you live in Nevada since the state of Nevada does not accept out-of-state insurance.

If you are new in Nevada, it may be a good idea to contact your current insurance provider about changing policies.

TIP: It is a smart idea to regularly update your insurance policy information to avoid fines, fees, and the revocation of your DL. If you move or undergo any other significant life changes, let your insurance company know right away.

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If you need affordable auto insurance and SR-22 filing, contact All n One Bonding and Insurance at  Las Vegas: (702) 850-7711 or Memphis: (901) 306-8100. Our experienced insurance managers will help you get started!

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